29/11/2017 - Small content update adding a couple of things and new page Check, containing a checklist of things I want to add to the site. I apologise for not updating in so long, there's been a lot of things going on in life rn and sometimes it's hard to keep up ;-; but i'm trying!

10/10/2017 - LIGHTTRAX 2.0 IS LIVE. There's still a couple of bits i need to sort here and there such as readding buttons and music, but the majority of the design is finished! Recoded from the ground up, with a fresh new clean look and better organisation, 2.0 begins!

18/08/2017 - Some more new buttons and a guestbook on the frontpage, a new favicon and a few bugs are fixed here and there.

14/08/2017 - BUMPER UPDATE! Two new pages - a nice splash page with a short intro story, and an art page with some of my drawings! // The logo now has randomised subtitles! There are 44 of them in total. No I did not copy Minecraft, shut up. (This was also added yesterday btw) // Couple of buttons replaced on the homepage. // Fixed a couple of errors with page names here and there.

11/08/2017 - New misc page! Will be used for anything that doesn't really deserve it's own page. Right now there's a couple of nice downloads there for ya. // Some new music added and some switch-arounds - Glitch Art now has music and About and Misc have switched tracks. In addition, track titles are now underneath the music player. Unless otherwise stated, all tracks come from the Light Trax OST. // Discord widget on home page. Come join the LIGHTTRAX server! // Recent Updates has been centralised to fit with the rest of the site.

07/08/2017 - A couple of small updates over the past few days! The home page has had a small redesign with the background. Buttons have been added to the index page and recent updates now has it's own little page.

23/07/2017 - New Links page!

15/07/2017 - Been doing a redesign of the site - new logos, new banners, and some new music on pages when i found out the old music wasn't working. This has been ongoing and will continue to be.

04/07/2017 - I'm still working on this! I've just been very, very busy. Next to come is an art page collecting some of the art I'm most proud of, and a games page containing games I love and talk about. I also have plans for a music page along the same lines, and maybe a few fun bits too. Stay tuned! =3

07/05/2017 - About page and glitch art page added. Still to be added - drawing page, music and games, original characters. Also need to tidy up home page and about page and make it look fine and dandy.