The game "ART STYLE: light trax" is where this site gets it's name from, and the game has a brilliant soundtrack to it (bits and pieces of which you can hear on this very site!). Unlike most Wii games, which use .brstm music formats, light trax uses an internal tracker and some obscure .mod/.xm file to generate it's music in real time.

Offered here is a download of the light trax soundtrack, which is ripped from the unlockable sound test mode in the game. Imagine if Aphex Twin got hold of a chiptune tracker and that's a pretty good representation of what this is!

//DOWNLOAD (23 songs - MP3 - .zip 208.6mb - tagged)


I like to do photography sometimes, but I don't really feel like it warrants it's own entire page - plus I don't think I can go through putting up every single photo I've taken AND the file size of it all would take up nearly all of my alotted Neocities space! So instead, here's a MEGA folder featuring most of the things i've taken.



Here's a notepad of random words.