Here's a page that's more for myself than it is anyone else. There's a lot of things I want to add to this website so this page will serve as a sort of checklist on all the features and projects I want to add here.

+ MOBILE JAVA REVIEW PAGE - Reviews of mobile java games, a very niche yet fun game market. There's a mobile java emulator online but trying to control java games with a keyboard is quite hard for me, so my plan is to dig up my old feature phone and load the games on that.

+ OPINIONS / DOCTOR WHO - I recently (read: during the summer, which is ages ago in internet time) found that Netflix hosted all seasons of the modern Doctor Who series, and thought it might be fun to rewatch them and take a look at how they hold up now and what i think of them. A long but worthwile project.

+ THUMBNAILS - Making thumbnails for images on the art and glitches page instead of using the art itself, as it takes longer to load.

+ RECORDS COLLECTION - I recently acquired a vinyl player! It's a Crosley Cruis- *is immediately interrupted by 83957648i5813844908u325iu4oiy people telling me the crosley cruiser is bad and will destroy everything i hold dear to my heart* // I got a Crosley Cruiser for my birthday and bought some old vinyls from local charity shops. I've seen a lot of people making pages for their record collections so maybe i should do the same?? Hmm...

+ EASIER SITE ORGANIZATION - Need a way to properly group together pages now that i plan to add more content and topics here.

+ NAVBAR - Adding a navbar on most pages is probably going to end up being a must. I could use frames but that looks kinda ugly with my site's modern design, so...